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Automation systems for loading and conveying

KOENIG’s compact, high-efficiency automation systems provide simple solutions for loading and conveying.

With thirty years’ experience and our team’s extensive engineering knowledge, we have created a range of high-performance products to support the manufacturing process. Each standard design can be adapted to your needs, balancing the reliability of a tried and tested product with the flexibility of a bespoke system. And because the initial design is standard, lead times are shorter than for a completely bespoke solution and represent excellent value.

Compact loader

How does our equipment enhance your gear grinding process?

Loaders, conveyors and other equipment from KOENIG are manufactured for use in the toughest industrial environments. They are used reliably for multiple-shift operations across the globe, meeting or exceeding the industry standard.

Each product was designed in response to requirements from the gear grinding sector, with development in collaboration with Gleason, Kapp-Niles, Klingelnberg and Reishauer. This means that all our equipment is fully compatible with current high-precision gear grinding technology.

Our products also feature high-quality components made by suppliers to the European automotive industry, including Euchner, Festo, Siemens, SKF and Stöber.

We know our customers require speed, efficiency and compactness. That’s why our CompactLoader features a 3.5 second loading time and can be programmed to handle up to 500 different workpieces. It has a footprint of less than 6m2, helping you manage space limitations on your factory floor.

All our products were developed with upgrades in mind. We know that technology advances continually so we’ve made it easy for you to upgrade your KOENIG products. This enables you to continue working at the industry standard without the need to replace your automation.

All our products comprise a high-specification standard design which we adjust to meet your specific requirements. We strike a balance between affordability and flexibility, tailoring our product to your needs while helping your business to work within its budget.

René Kruz

We develop products based on the principle
"Simplicity is the ultimate perfection"

René Kunz

Head of Engineering